30 September 2006

Shiny shiny Melbourne

One of my favourite days in Melbourne is Grand Final Day - the last Saturday in September. Not that I've ever been to a Grand Final, and I'm not that into football, although I always know where Collingwood is on the ladder, because Husband and Number One Son are fans.

I like this day because of the anticipation in the air, even when a Victorian team isn't playing. People scurry around in the morning getting things done, sausages sell out quickly at the butcher (for all of those backyard barbies), and there's wonky writing in the blue sky.

I like to go out for a walk in the afternoon, listening to the commentary booming out of gardens and open windows. And there's no one around in usually busy streets. This afternoon one of my close friends wandered over to our house with her daughter, and we took four children out for a coffee, easily getting a great table outside in the warm spring sunshine.

Oh, and West Coast has just won. By a point!

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PJ said...

I have to agree, it is a good atmosphere in the city during Grand Final time, but I did feel like a New Yorker this year because I wished some of the gawking tourist would get out of my way or at least walk on the proper side of the footpath.