29 January 2007

Lazy summer days

Summer holidays are coming to an end.

The kids go back to school in a few days, and they're actually feeling excited about it. Long may that last (or at least half way into term one). For me, work has already returned with kapow right between the eyes; so much for easing back into it, by reorganising my desk, or filing away towering piles of 2006 job folders

So before I completely lose that warm summer break glow, here are a few reflectons on my summer 2007

It was a wonderful relaxed Christmas, one we all enjoyed. The secret for us is to spread it over two days rather than trying to squeeze two family celebrations into 25 December. And it was cool this year ... a truly amazing event given that Victoria has been in the grip of terrible bushfires. It snowed in the Victorian alps

We spent New Year's overlooking Sydney Harbour at a great party - a memorable, fun night. The fireworks were fantastic.
We did two big road trips this year; the one to Sydney, and another to the New South Wales coast. That was four days -a total of 40 hours - in the car with three children. The person who created the portable DVD player deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. And I discovered that some movies can still be entertaining even if you can only hear them (Toy Story). Sponge Bob, strangely enough, not so much. But that may be due to hearing 35 consecutive episodes between Sydney and just south of Albury.

Those long car trips-with-children-distracted-by-a-DVD also allowed Husband and me a rare opportunity. We had conversations - not just about who-needs-to-pick-up-who-from-where. Things like what we need to do with our drought-ravaged garden, and do we look for a bigger house in a quieter street, or do we try and find nifty storage solutions in our current house? We talked about how we're feeling about what we're doing for a living, what it would be like now if we'd have had children when we first married rather than waiting as we did, how can we better balance things, and somehow find time for ourselves and each other. We even planned a six week road trip for 2008. Stocking up on Sponge Bob now.

I got to see four current release movies - unheard of. And only one of those was a kids movie! I'm also indulging in what's becoming an annual ritual for me; watching every episode of a great TV series. Last year it was Sex & the City, all of which I'd seen before. This year, it's Gilmore Girls, none of which I've seen before, and am now loving.

All in all, a lovely summer indeed.

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