04 February 2007

Coffee, stat

It seems I am not alone in my current obsession with the funny, clever and engaging Gilmore Girls; this love letter to the inhabitants of Stars Hollow appeared as a double page spread in yesterday's edition of The Age. Great to read with my second Saturday morning cup of coffee (my reliance on caffeine is not in the same league as Lorelai's, but it's very much there).

I am watching all episodes in order, which is really fun as I hadn't watched any of them before, thanks to Channel Nine's apalling programming of such a gem. They started screening GG years ago during the summer 'off season' at a very reasonable time in the evening. I couldn't watch back then, however, as that reasonable time was about 7.30pm, the busiest time of the evening if you have small children to get to bed. Since then, Channel Nine has treated the Girls with its usual disdain for anything of quality, with unpredictable programming. It seems to have completely disappeared from free-to-air television in Australia now. So, all hail the widespread availability of television on DVD.

I am currently into Series Three, and have already purchased Series Four thanks to Christmas gift vouchers. It's very pleasant watching something this way too, as I know I still have hours and hours of enjoyment ahead of me. From time to time I feel the urge to watch an episode out of sequence near the end of Series Four to see what happens ... kind of like reading the last page of a novel when you're a quarter of the way through. But that would be cheating.

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