23 February 2007

Liquorice legs

I spent most of the 1990s wearing the blackest of black opaque tights during winter. There were two reasons for this. One is that I really liked the way they made my 30-something legs look, and they also reminded me of being the bicycle riding, corduroy-skirted, Fair Isle-jumpered girl I was at university in the early 1980s. (I promise you, it was a great look.)
Perhaps it was also due to a reaction against the almost white pantyhose I sported in the later 1980s, which was a truly tragic look.
Liquorice legs are back again, but this time I'm not so sure. They look kind of clunky to me now, especially as they are being worn with very flimsy clothing. I don't quite know why, but I'm just not inspired.
Am I showing my fashion age?
It's the same with leggings, which I have avoided to date, although I think them fetching on my eight year old daughter, especially under a short flippy skirt.
I am rather partial to the shorter dress over jeans look, though, if not too blousy. Please forgive me Go Fug Yourself.
I think that once the cooler weather finally gets here, I'll be heading back to last winter's hosiery of choice for me - super fine fishnets. I did fall in love with them, both with boots and a strappy heel. Although come September, deep into the Melbourne winter, not doubt I will give the opaques a whirl. For old times sake, to see how my 40-something legs look in them, and because I think I'm now a bit of a late-adopter, fashion wise.

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