05 March 2007

Play it again ... and again ... and again

My Number One Son, who is 11, likes to take a song and play it over and over again. And over yet again.

His current obsession is Evermore's Light Surrounding You, which he likes to play as he goes to sleep. He has pretty eclectic tastes though; it's not all angsty.

He is following in a fine family tradition of playing the same song a squillion times, because it perfectly captures your mood of the moment.

I've been bashing favourite songs to death since I was around the same age (I think it was a strange combination of Ballroom Blitz by The Sweet and various tracks from the then very naughty Living in the 70s by Skyhooks).

I've had 100s of other songs as my theme songs since then, depending on my mood.

Hitting the books in Year 11? Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush, with UK Squeeze's Cool for Cats thrown in for good measure

Last week of school? Play me some My Sharona

First week of university? Counting the Beat by The Swingers

On a train, moving from Perth to Melbourne? Love Comes to Town by U2

Off on my honeymoon in country Victoria? Nina Simone, My Baby Just Cares for Me

Dancing around the living room with my baby daughter? Madonna's Ray of Light

Of course, I'm not alone in this - back to The Age blogs for an insight into the weird and wonderful songs that have meaning for people.

Funnily enough, my current constantly-being-played song is Light Surrounding You too. (I am in an angsty mood.)

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