17 March 2007

Into the great unknown

I took a major step forward this week - I quit my job, without another one to go to.

It was not a decision taken lightly. Getting to this point has meant sleepless nights, endless discussion with people I know care about me, and an inordinate amount of crying. It was a health scare that really tipped me over the edge (and thankfully it was only a scare).

I'm leaving a job I wanted, and very much enjoyed for over two years (and felt pretty miserable in for a third year). In the end, it just got too big and demanding for someone in my position. I want - need - more time to be with my young family.

I will have to find work again soon, but I won't be going into a job as full on (or as well paid). We need my salary, but we don't need me to be climbing the corporate ladder.

The sense of liberation is immense. I don't know what the future holds for me work wise (other than working out my four week notice period), and I'm feeling excited about finding out. And very blessed that I have such choices, because not everyone does.


PJ said...

You quit your job! Eeeek!

Sorry about the exclamation marks - you should see the look on my face. Eeek.

I just wrote to your work email in the hope you'll be working through the notice period.

You go girl!

Milly Moo said...

Don't worry, I did the same thing a couple of years ago. Swapped managing staff (and fighting for their jobs unbeknownst to them *and* listening to their whinges about management as well) and am now at the bottom of the pile, looking after staffs' NEEDS instead of managing them.

We're living with a significant pay cut, but have a happier Mum, wife, friend in the process, working in a field that is interesting to me personally and given me more time to 'switch' off and do fun stuff when I get home instead of arriving feeling cranky, irritable and ready to fire up the laptop to do more work after putting the kid to bed.

Well done!

delamare said...


It's been a week now, and I'm feeling so good about my decision. I might suddenly think "f**k - what have I done!", but that's very doubtful.

The great thing too is that I've been enjoying my job very much now I'm in my last few weeks. All of the tension that's been building up over the last eight months has gone, and I can now leave on a high note.