14 March 2007


It's a greedy world we live in.

As has been well documented over the past few days, UK designer to the rich 'n' famous Stella McCartney has launced a one-off collection of clothes for a mass department store in Australia (Target). She's not the first designer to do so, as I reported back in October.

However, unlike the first lot of Designers for Target lines, this range has created a frenzy of I-gotta-have-it greed amongst some Australian shoppers, who spent Monday morning grabbing thousands of dollars worth of clothing with the Stella McCartney label. (My wise friend PJ was there, and has posted an eye-witness account on her excellent website chomchom.)

I didn't join in to the rush through the doors at 10am last Monday. I have been feeling very low lately, and the thought of fighting my way through the chaos to grab myself a Stella McCartney princess coat just did not appeal.
I have got myself some Stella though. When I found myself in my local Target today, I popped by the women's clothing, and there was still plenty on offer. I picked up this lovely charcoal grey wool/cashmere jumper, which I will wear and wear once the weather finally turns chilly.

I could have also purchased a bird print dress, or a pair of smart wool trousers, or a gigantic slate-coloured trenchcoat if the mood had taken me.

As I (and everyone else) expected, some of the clothing grabbed by the greedy has now made it onto ebay, with grossly inflated starting prices. And the thing is, nice as the clothes are, they aren't exactly exclusive. Why pay $260.99 for a $119 jumper, when you can still find it on the racks if you're lucky?

I'd still like that princess coat though ...

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