21 March 2007

The Wonders of it all

I put my winter shoes on layby* today. They are wedge high-heeled black Mary Janes, with a thick strap. They will look great with - wait for it - black opaque tights, which is a good thing, because I don't think I'll be purchasing new winter boots this year, due to my impending lack of permanent employment.

They are Wonders shoes, Spanish, very soft and a bit quirky, but without being overtly quirky, like Campers. I was going to post a picture of my new shoes, but the sweet Wonders site is rather impenetrable. Maybe it makes sense in Spanish.

Naturally, it's 33 degrees here again tomorrow, and Melbourne's winter feels a long long way off still. But a girl can dream.

*I have been devoted to the good old-fashioned custom of layby since I was a teenager, and I am very pleased that my favourite shoe shop, which dangerously is in walking distance from home, is enlightened enough to still offer it.

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