14 June 2007

It's winter people - have you noticed?

Here's what greeted me as I walked one city block from the train station to the office this morning, in the grip of a Melbourne winter.

1. One woman wearing a cropped woolly jumper and big scarf, finished off with lop-sided Ugg boots. Her midriff was exposed, meaning her kidneys must have been in the process of catching a serious chill.

2. A very large girl dressed head-to-toe in black. She wore a mini-dress, laddered tights, knee-high spiky-heeled boots. She looked incredibly uncomfortable.

3. A man in his late 50s with two gold earrings in one earlobe.

4. Two girls in the now classic outfit of beanie-woollyscarf-bulkyjacket-tightjeans-thongs. (I've previously blogged about this strange thong-obsession.)

I'm far from a fashion plate myself (although I do like clothes), but am I completely out of step in thinking that you should dress for the weather? Every one of these people - with the exception of our friend the spiv at number three - was shivering. A little less exposure please, and gain a little more warmth!

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