30 September 2007

Film report: Stardust

Another quick post, for another rave.

A friend and I took our daughters (aged seven and nine) to see Stardust today. (No Beth, not the one starring David Essex!)

Billed as a fairy tale, this film is a delight from beginning to end. It has a romping good story, is full of wonderful actors, and is very funny. Laugh out loud funny - especially the scenes with Captain Shakespeare.

And it is a rare creation; it's a PG rated film which the girls loved, but it also had a cinema full of adults very entertained throughout. A lot of kid flicks attempt this, but rely on heavy reference to popular culture to appeal to adults. Instead, Stardust derives its broad appeal through an outlandish yet sweet plot, and telling it with a genuine sense of humour. Playing 'spot the actor' under all the makeup was an added bonus.

Highly recommended.

[Image from Yahoo Movies]


moggy said...

Here's the book sharing site for your delictation: http://www.goodreads.com/

And yes, this month's Real Living is lovely!

Beth said...

well, talk about your spooky coincidence!
I was reading my friend lurextoga's blog and SHE mentioned stardust, so (wanting to see if it was a remake of the David Essex movie) I followed the link to the website, LOVED the look of it and promptly sent you an email ...
I should have read your blog first. Glad you enjoyed it!