02 October 2007

We do like to be beside the seaside

We had a lovely week at the coast last week in Merimbula, southern New South Wales. We spend a week there - or in its very close neighbour Pambula Beach - every September. It's a long drive from Melbourne, but so worth it. We get up there and just relax. The weather is always mild and sunny at this time of the year (if a little windy), and there is a great combination of beach and bush to enjoy.

We rent a holiday house for the week, a different one each time (I find them on the net). This year's was a beauty, a 1950s number, kitted out to be very comfortable, and with a fantastic view. The Hubster spent a lot of time on the deck outside playing guitar, while Miss Mucks spent most of her time catching large skinks in the back garden. She had an unfortunate experience in some of them dying from heat exhaustion, about which she felt incredibly remorseful. It was a hard lesson for her to learn that while they seemed friendly and tame, they aren't pets and really need to be let go after you've played with them.

We to the beach a lot, with friends who were holidaying there as well. But only Miss Mucks and her two friends braved swimming (Miss M will swim in every weather, and even got in fully clothed on the one occasion she didn't have her bathers or wetsuit with her - she was not a happy camper walking back to the car through the bush). The boys spent their time playing with balls, while the Hubster and I actually got to read. I love reading at the beach, but it's years since I've been able to.

We ate very well too - Merimbula has a great butcher, Pambula has an amazing bakery, and there is plenty of great seafood to be found. Even bloody good fish and chips, the sort that you hope to find, but never do.

A great holiday - we played mini-golf in the bush and even saw a baby wombat in the wild - which managed to exhaust the junior delamares. Here they are on the trip home.

[Photos courtesy of me!]

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moggy said...

Heehee, sweet snoozers!

Don't worry about the sewing, you have many other talents. And you WILL make the most gorgeous quilt!