12 August 2008

Chilly season

Back in March I wrote a post about an unseasonably hot spell here in Melbourne. Now we're having what feels like an unseasonably cold spell, with temperatures struggling to get above 12 degrees this week.

It's very chilly, very wet, rather windy, pink-cheeked, cold-kneed kind of weather. But it does feel rather late in the year to have such a cold week, even though it's still winter.

I suspect this is because we're now in the latter half of the year, people are talking about how they're going to fit their holidays in before Christmas (eeekk!), and the summer clothes are in the shops. I had to buy a black skivvy for The Little Guy's school concert next week - he's playing an alley cat apparently, not a beatnik - and I couldn't find one anywhere. In July! It seems that I should have thought ahead and bought this winter basic back in March.

I know I'm odd, but I much prefer this cold snap to that stinking March heatwave. I always feel a bit sad when the cold weather is over for the year, and the daylight hours are starting to get longer.

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Kath Lockett said...

There's been a load of ads on tv during the Olympic coverage that are meant to entice us to wander into KMart or Myer or wherever to get spring stuff, yet when it's still freezing outside the fashions look about as inviting as streaking during a sleet storm.