11 September 2008

We all love Millie-mac

Life is very busy at present, what with work, children participating in various concerts (all stuffed into the end of term three for some reason), end of soccer season for assorted sons, serious family business with my mother-in-law needing to move into aged care, lots of meetings with neighbours about fighting a permit application from a dodgy businesses that wants to open an extremely dodgy 'adult entertainment venue' close by, and generally trying to keep the show (household) on the road. Thank heavens it's nearly time for our annual spring holiday week at the beach.

But I didn't want another day to go by without me writing my first blog entry on our new i-Mac. She is very beautiful, and fast, and easy to use - unlike our poor old clunky computer which would take 15 minutes to crank up, and still not print.

(The old dear was nearly ten, which in computer terms is elderly! Perhaps one year in the life of a computer is the equivalent to nine years in the life of a person.)

The only problem is that I've had to wait until after 11pm on a weeknight to get to use this delicious new machine, which we've named Millie-mac. Every other time I've tried, a child has appeared at my shoulder asking to watch something on YouTube, or if they could see what's happening on Club Penguin.

But at this late hour, she is mine!

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