19 September 2008

It must be spring in the air...

Because we're now enjoying longer daylight hours. The weather here in Melbourne is erratic. For the most part, winter coats and boots have been put away. And the annual Who Best & Worst Dressed issue was published today.

This year's selection is better than last year's sorry choices ... but with the exception of Carla Bruni, there's no one on the list that makes me want to shout 'yes!' And even then, Carla only got to number nine on the list, with Charlize Theron taking out top spot. Two of the current three Australian 'supermodels' are on the list too - Jennifer Hawkins and Miranda Kerr - but I think they're both there purely based on being very pretty girls rather than the way they dress.

I would have picked Anne Hathaway for the best dressed list this year. And Cynthia Nixon at all of those Sex and the City premiers.

On the worst dressed side of things, well, it's pretty easy to take shots of Courtney Love, Mischa Barton and Jordan. But I was most pleased to see 'Our Nic' in the 'what went wrong?' feature in her ghastly "is it Gladwrap or tinfoil?" suit.

Yep, what was she thinking?

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