29 January 2009

Hot and cross

It seems that Melbourne is suffering through its hottest week in a century. Great. All I know is that I'm getting hotter and hotter, and grumpier. It's a simple formula for disaster: me + heat = middle aged cross patch.

There are plenty of signs about how badly I cope with this kind of weather. Here's a handy list.

1. I am covered in mosquito bites
2. I am tired from not sleeping properly
3. My face is all red and shiny, and my hair is beyond rescue
4. I am depressed about the state of the plants I had managed to keep alive so far this summer
5. I am actually relishing the idea of taking four children to the pool this morning
6. I am writing a blog entry before I have my morning coffee
7. I feel thirsty most of time despite drinking lots of water
8. I have lost interest in food

I know this last one because last night I could not make a simple decision about which pizzas to order (we had friends over for pizza and beer). But the biggest sign was that I could not bring myself to watch Nigella Lawson cook on the telly last night...

But at least I don't have to battle the Connex demons this week - I am on holidays* to get the kids ready for school. I can't help thinking that it would be nice to be in the airconditioned comfort of work this week though.

*Luckily the heat isn't getting in the way of all of my fun this week though. Yesterday I met up with one of my very favourite bloggers - Kath from Blurb from the Blurbs. Together with our daughters, we had a delightful time chatting in real life, in the airconditioned comfort of her new home, drinking copious amounts of her favourite iced coffee.


Kath Lockett said...

Delamere you just *know* that it's ridiculously hot when the appetite goes..... After the Chinese New Year thingy at the library I went home and couldn't decide what to cook (one of my rare times I thought to try), so we rang Love Chunks and told him to meet us at the Canton BBQ. Best decision ever.

It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope that we can do 'Wednesdays' when you're free. Sapphire loved meeting your lovely girl and said, "Mum, I've made my first new friend here," and went to bed with a big smile on her face. It 'nourished' her - she needed some playtime with someone other than the increasingly grumpy forty year old she's forced to hang with whilst BBQs, school uniforms and bicycle equipment is sought after and delivered.

delamare said...

Thanks Kath, and I'm so pleased that Miss Mucks had that affect on Sapphire; she liked her a great deal too! We had a great day at Harold Holt, followed by a visit to an airconditioned shopping centre (the small one I told you about) for icecreams. Kids are now watching a DVD, and we all reek of chlorine though!

moggy said...

All I can say is waaaaah! Melbourne isn't meant to be this hot!

delamare said...

Yep Moggy - I thought we'd crossed the country to rid ourselves of this sort of weather!

Word verification reads 'nofanc' as in "no fancs to this heat!".